Identity Theft

There’s one private investigator who’s middle name is ‘Identity Theft’!  Talkin’ Money’s own Frank Money!

With everyone walking around with their heads buried in their smart phones and tablets, it’s easy to forget that these devices can also carry your entire financial history! So listen up, folks, I’m about to drop some pearls of wisdom to help you avoid identity theft.

One of our biggest crimes today is Consumer Fraud. Criminals don’t have to rob a bank anymore. I see this all the time – they just get a hold of your personal information and let the buying spree, courtesy of your account, begin!

But listen up, a couple of things in your favor. Credit cards today will protect you from fraud. But you must stay vigilant. If you see charges that don’t belong to you, contact your credit card company right away and they’ll work it out with you. Another thing is always be in control of your personal information and that includes your social security number, pins and passwords, and while we’re on the subject, don’t carry your social security card. Leave it at home.

Question anyone who wants that personal information from you and you are well on your way to tackling Identity Theft.