The Good Old A&Q

How many times have you passed by an electronics store and saw that X-Box you always wanted was finally on sale or the newest smart phone has hit the market? Temptations are thrown at us everyday in many different forms of ads. They know how to get your attention.

But where do you stand financially? Are you strong enough to stick to your budget or are you ready to throw caution to the wind? If so, then let’s at least recognize that there are alternatives & consequences to most financial decisions. Frank Money likes to call the ‘The Good Old A&Q’

Think of setting financial goals so you can purchase these items by saving for it on a monthly basis. But remember, the more you save, the more you have to sacrifice other things like movies or eating out. So there’s your alternative, but if you spend and don’t have it, the consequences means going into more debt. So check out your A&Q!