Bad Credit Will Cost You!

Actually, I meant to say is that bad credit will cost you a lot!! Detective Frank Money here and bad credit forces me to hold on to my hat before hot steam blows it clear off my head. It makes me mad because I can’t save you money if you let your credit score drop like a rock.

Being late with a loan payment like your mortgage will ruin your FICO score that took years to build up. Top score for FICO is 850. Anything below 700 and you’ll be paying extra for certain purchases such as a car with higher monthly interest rates. It’s always a good thing to check your credit report to see if it’s accurate. You can contest it if you think something is wrong.

Take the time to understand your credit score and where the number comes from. Taking smart steps can bring your numbers up and save you money.

Bad Credit Will Cost You

Frank Money here, your financial detective trying to save you money. Ok, listen up all you financial hotdogs out there who don’t pay attention to their credit scores. I’m about to give a lesson in world of hard knocks. Let’s cut right to the chase, bad credit will cost you money. If you’re planning to purchase large ticket items like a mortgage, car loan or even another credit card, you’re going to pay a lot more.

Your credit score under FICO ranges from 300 to 850, with the highest being the best score. I’m guessing anything under 620, you’re going to have trouble even being considered with some purchases without paying extra for insurance of payment.

So pay off your credit cards and get rid of the ones you don’t need. Don’t be late with any of your loan payments, and don’t be afraid to check your credit report, it does not affect your score. It will take a couple of years to build your credit back up to a decent score but it’ll be worth it and that’s coming straight from Frank Money.