Keeping Financial Records

Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t find some way to delay organizing your personal financial records by binge watch a TV show you already binged watched! It’s time to get all those receipts and other paper work that’s needed for your tax records to be put in their proper folders.

While you’re at it locate your other important documents and file them away such as, insurance policies, living will, your mortgage and your New Year’s resolution to get organized. If you put it all on computer, be sure to back it up, nothing lasts forever.

Some folks like using a simple binder with the important papers neatly organize inside – something that sits on a shelf so if something happens to you, it’s all in one place.

You can also scan all your important documents and put them on a flash drive and then put it in your safety deposit box. Flash drives are more stable than other storage mediums, though nothing lasts forever.

I myself have a huge back tattoo with all my information, I had them do it backwards so I can read it in a mirror. Not my best idea, and YES, it hurt.

When you get this all done you’re going to feel a lot better because you’ll know where all of your important stuff is.

Ready, set, organize!

Keeping Financial Records

There’s one private investigator who’s middle name is ‘Organized’! Talkin’ Money’s own Frank Money!

Keeping your financial records organized is no small feat. So put down that slice of pizza, wash your hands and listen up. If your papers are scattered all over the place, not put in their proper folders and not kept up to date then how do you expect to find anything when you really need them, especially during tax season?

Here’s another question. Do you even know what records should be kept? We’re not only talking about Income Tax Records but how about Warranties, Insurance Policies, Home Purchase and Lease Contracts. The list keeps growing and that’s why you need to get organized.

Now in today’s world a lot of these financial records can be kept in your fancy computers or online. Either way be sure to keep back-ups on all of your information by using a flash drive or external hard drive. Remember computers and other electronics don’t last forever so keep up to date with your back-ups. Now don’t say I didn’t give you anything free, Sometimes it just takes a little detective work.