Investing for Retirement

I know, I know, it’s a long, long way off: “I’m young, I have plenty of time.” -or- “OMG, I’m 55 years old and the only savings I have are in the coffee can on the bureau”.

I’m Detective Frank Money and my answer to that kind of reasoning is, excuse my French, baloney! The time to start your retirement is NOW – whatever your age! Believe or not, it’s the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make.

Have you seen how much everything cost today? Houses and condos starting at 350K and up; the average car is moving above 30K; and we’re all familiar with the cost of higher education. Don’t count on these prices coming down any time soon.

So it’s your responsibility to understand and execute investing, tax saving, company matching and automatic deposits from your paycheck.

Take immediate steps to make retirement savings something that is automated, so you don’t even think about it. If you work for a company that matches your retirement contributions, that’s like free cash!

If you don’t want to take my word for it, start practicing saying: “Do you want fries with that?” when you’re 65!

Investing For Retirement
The Future Is Now!

I’m Frank Money, and I’ve got a question for you. What’s the most expensive purchase you’ll make in your life? A car? Nope. A house? You might think so but you would be wrong. Actually, it’s your retirement. Bet you didn’t even think about that answer.

Here’s the scoop on the case for retirement. Retirement is a long way off. Not even in the horizon – but over the horizon and miles away, and life has more curves than a scenic railroad. Well, there’s some good and there’s some bad with that kind of thinking. Since you do have 30 to 40 years before retirement, investing starting right now will pay off in huge financial dividends down the road.

But you have to do your research with investing, matching 401k’s, having a set amount from your paycheck automatically deposited into your savings and so much more. Matching money from your paycheck from your employer is actually free money – and free money is this gumshoe’s favorite kind of money! As for considering retirement to not even be on the horizon, unless you’re planning to be flipping burgers at 65, this detective strongly suggests you start looking beyond the horizon.

April is National Financial Literacy Month, Detective Frank Money’s favorite month! To celebrate the importance of being financially literate, Detective Money is going to post financial literacy tips every day.