Three Small Things To Improve Your Finances – Today!

We tend to start with lofty goals but can sometimes end up disappointed when we fall short. So instead of trying to do a total overhaul of your finances, let’s start small first.

If you have a 401K, good for you, now increase your contributions by just ONE percent. That’s all it takes but you’ll be pleasantly surprised that 1% can go a long way.

Decrease your spending in TWO categories. Maybe cut out that expensive treat at the grocery store. Only eat out once a week instead of twice. You’ll find out by the end of the year there’s extra money in your account towards savings or a vacation.

If you have credit card debt with an interest attached, make a THREE percent increase on debt payments. This deceases the interest and will pay off your debt much faster. Or the best advice – pay off your credit cards balances in full every month and think about how all that interest you were once paying is now available to you for something else.

To Be, Or Not To Be… In Debt.

You don’t need to be a detective to figure this one out. In order to build up your credit score you actually need to have reasonable debt, like a mortgage or credit card, and show that you can manage your finances by paying them off in a timely manner. Once you establish that you’ll be able to negotiate lower interest rates. Remember, it’s always better to keep that money in your pocket.

You’re A Millionaire

Hello Millionaires, I’m Frank Money and helping you understand money is my game.

I’ve told this amazing story before, but it’s so eye-opening, it needs to be repeated again and again! I’m not talking about hitting the Lottery, I’m taking about all of you if you’re planning to be working throughout your life until you retire. Most millennials don’t know that they are rich! You’re going to like this story, it has a happy ending.


WooHoo – Today is Tax Day!

Yeah! It’s that time, the time we all knew was coming. April 15th in 2019 is the deadline to file your income tax return – unless you live in Maine or Massachusetts.

Residents of those states will have an extra two days to file their taxes because of holidays. April 15 is Patriots’ Day in Maine and Massachusetts and April 16 is Emancipation Day in Washington, DC, where the IRS is located.

One thing everyone has to be aware of is our ever-changing Tax Laws. This might be the one year for you to think about getting some additional advise, like a tax preparer, or you could find yourself not getting that regular refund you’re so used to. There’s even a good chance that you owe money! There goes the your summer vacation.

I’m hoping you’ve been proactive, and taken my advice by keeping good records and filing early. In fact, many of my viewers got early refunds and we all had a big party – but because you waited until today, you weren’t invited!

Don’t get penalized! File before midnight local time tonight. If not, you better move to Maine or Massachusetts as fast as you can!

Bad Credit Will Cost You!

Actually, I meant to say is that bad credit will cost you a lot!! Detective Frank Money here and bad credit forces me to hold on to my hat before hot steam blows it clear off my head. It makes me mad because I can’t save you money if you let your credit score drop like a rock.

Being late with a loan payment like your mortgage will ruin your FICO score that took years to build up. Top score for FICO is 850. Anything below 700 and you’ll be paying extra for certain purchases such as a car with higher monthly interest rates. It’s always a good thing to check your credit report to see if it’s accurate. You can contest it if you think something is wrong.

Take the time to understand your credit score and where the number comes from. Taking smart steps can bring your numbers up and save you money.

Who Needs A Budget?

YOU DO or my name isn’t Frank Money! If you find yourself short on money at the end of month and need to go further into debt because of lack of planning, then you have Budget Trouble, my friend.

There are tons of budget plans out there to help keep you on a straight path so find the one you’re certain to stick with and get to it. How much did you make that month and how much did you spend that month? You’ll have your answer, adjust accordingly and bingo, you have a BUDGET!

Keeping Financial Records

Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t find some way to delay organizing your personal financial records by binge watch a TV show you already binged watched! It’s time to get all those receipts and other paper work that’s needed for your tax records to be put in their proper folders.

While you’re at it locate your other important documents and file them away such as, insurance policies, living will, your mortgage and your New Year’s resolution to get organized. If you put it all on computer, be sure to back it up, nothing lasts forever.

Some folks like using a simple binder with the important papers neatly organize inside – something that sits on a shelf so if something happens to you, it’s all in one place.

You can also scan all your important documents and put them on a flash drive and then put it in your safety deposit box. Flash drives are more stable than other storage mediums, though nothing lasts forever.

I myself have a huge back tattoo with all my information, I had them do it backwards so I can read it in a mirror. Not my best idea, and YES, it hurt.

When you get this all done you’re going to feel a lot better because you’ll know where all of your important stuff is.

Ready, set, organize!

Financial Literacy For Everyone!


Frank Money is my name and I believe financial literacy is not to be treated as if it’s a game. Whether you want to be a part of the financial world or not, it doesn’t matter, from your first paycheck on you will be.

Why money isn’t discussed more in schools, or at all, I have no idea but car salesmen, student loan banks and credit card companies are thrilled you’re not wise to them. One or two percent more than you should have tacked on to long term loans means a lot more money in their pocket and not yours.

So unless you hit the lottery or are about to inherit a bundle, I’d bone up on at least the basics of how to manage your money because the only one you can rely on is you!

Savings Are Good For You

I’m Detective Frank Money and I have a breaking news story for you…savings are good for you! It’s called discipline, will power or just good old fashion smarts that enough money will be there for you when you’re ready to retire. Hey, not just for retirement, how about saving up for a car or finally moving out of your parent’s house and having enough cash for a first, last and deposit to move into your own place.

Direct deposit can be your friend at your bank. Have your weekly salary deposited directly into your bank account and 10% of your gross take home pay deposited directly into a savings account or investment portfolio. That way you’re not tempted to skip on saving.

Best of all you’ll look so smart when you save, heck, look at me…on second thought…

The Magic of Compounded Interest

As my daddy used to tell me, “Detective Frank Money, never under estimate the power of Compound Interest.” We were very close, especially when it came to this subject – you might say we had a ‘Compounded Father-Son Relationship’.

A perfect example comes from another wise man, you may have heard from him, Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin decided to leave about $4,550 at the time of his death each to his native hometown of Boston and adopted hometown of Philadelphia on the condition that it gather interest for 200 years. Franklin believed 200 years was the maximum length of time any person should be able to control assets from beyond the grave.

It could have theoretically reached well over $78,000,000 if the two cities had never spent any and had managed it well.

The point of Franklin’s experiment was trying to illustrate the tremendous power of compound interest for future generations. The longer you keep your money invested, the more amazing the power of compound interest. So start saving today, and put your money to work for you! You’ll have a case with a happy ending

Granted we’re not going to be around in 200 years to see our money grow, but if you start investing when you’re young, invest wisely, you’ll be able to enjoy retirement later on down the road due to the power of compound interest.

Remember, don’t work hard, put your money to work for you and that’s called working smart.